NENUTEC Air - ROTARY DAMPER ACTUATOR | Standard Air 5 Nm | Modulating control

NENUTEC Air - NEAM24.2-05

NENUTEC standard damper actuators are especially designed and produced for applications in the HVAC systems. Our wide range of NENUTEC standard damper actuators has been developed to operate and position air dampers of different sizes.


  • Modell / Type NEAM24.2-05
  • Torque 5 Nm
  • Power supply AC/DC 24V
  • Modulating control
  • Damper size 0.4 m²
  • Schaft dimension
    6 to 16 mm round / 5 to 12 mm square minimum
    shaft length 40 mm
    • Digital greentech technology
    • Selectable direction of rotation
    • Adjustable angle of rotation
    • Customer version (on request)

Product Data Sheet

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